Coursati Partners


Coursati for universities

Truly First-Of-Its-Kind provides students with a brand new learning experience and universities with an innovative way to boost their admissions.

Students enrol on short courses online and get to experience what universities have to offer. Through, universities can directly communicate with students, invite them to campus tours and promote new degrees and programmes.

With the state-of-the-art Coursati app, universities will have access to unprecedented numbers of new students from all over the Middle East

What We Do At Coursati

At Coursati, our teams work with professors and advisers to raise student attainment an widen participation in local and regional higher education.

We engage with prospective students all around the Middle East to help them make informed choices about their future.

We deliver high quality admissions and enquiries process, supporting prospective students as they enter higher education.


Direct Communication

Communication can be either real-time through the in-built messaging system, group discussion through course forums and through the mobile app.

Test-Driving Courses

Students get to test-drive what the university has to offer through short, interactive courses promoted on the Coursati platform.

Campus Tours

A university can schedule multiple campus tours directly on the Coursati platform. Students book the dates most suitable for them.

University Profile

Universities get a dedicated profile on the platform that contains a brief about their campuses, details on the degrees and recent news and events.

Overseas Students

Coursati platform is open to students all over the region providing an excellent opportunity for universities to attract overseas prospects.

365 Open Days

Unlike traditional open days which last only for a few days, Coursati allows students to experience what a university has to offer all year long.

The Coursati Mobile App​

In-built messaging

Allow universities to contact students directly and answer their questions

chat rooms

Universities can open chat rooms and schedule them at preferred times


Students can enroll and test-drive university courses


Variety of media types available: text, audio, video, quizzes, etc

featured universities

Universities can feature themselves with dedicated promotional pages

campus tours

Students can book campus tours on dates scheduled by the universities

Become a Coursati Partner

What is a Coursati partner?

A Coursati partner is an organisation that creates courses on Coursati. The partner creates all the course content, with guidance from us on learning design, and we then work together to put the course onto the platform.


What criteria do you need to meet to be a Coursati partner?

In order to keep the quality of our courses as high as possible we have some criteria for who we work with. Generally we look for leading institutions with:

  • Demonstrable expertise in an area of knowledge

  • Strong academic background

  • A commitment to advancing education


What are the benefits of being a Coursati partner?

Build a global brand

Partnering with Coursati means sharing your courses with millions of learners all over the Middle East. This is a great way to showcase your brand or organisation to a global audience. 

Attract more students

As well as showcasing your institution and brand to a global audience of learners, you also have the option to recruit students onto your own existing courses. Using a custom step within a course, you can reach and recruit students from an audience of learners who are highly receptive to further study.

Unlock digital innovation

Working alongside a leading digital team with years of experience in design and technology, you’ll get complete support during the creation of your course. We collaborate with you to help you develop and deliver courses that feature expert pedagogical design and smart social learning.


Get in touch

If you’re interested in becoming a partner, want more information or have further questions please use email us at